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Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has become an important tool for investigating various biological materials, and it is now being applied more routinely for imaging bacteria. By imaging bacteria in water, AFM can provide in-situ images of viable cells and be used to measure interaction forces between the AFM tip (or a colloid probe) and the cell surface.(More)
The gravitational wave detector Virgo is presently being commissioned. A significant part of last year was spent in setting up the cavity length control system. This work was carried out with steps of increasing complexity: locking a simple FabryPerot cavity, then a Michelson interferometer with Fabry-Perot cavities in both arms, and finally recycling the(More)
The French-Italian interferometric gravitational wave detector VIRGO is currently being commissioned. Its principal instrument is a Michelson interferometer with 3 km long optical cavities in the arms and a powerrecycling mirror. This paper gives an overview of the present status of the system. We report on the presently attained sensitivity and the(More)
The management of distributed e-infrastructures introduces additional requirements in the monitoring system. The main issue is to enable users to achieve the awareness of the global status, and to present the information in function of the role: simple user, system admin, manager. In this work we present the solution created for the ReCaS infrastructure(More)
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