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Due to the fixed spectrum allocation policy, bandwidth has become one of the scarcest resources for the wireless communications. Therefore, various advanced application, which is very useful in the development of communication system, cannot be used. Currently, the wireless network systems suffer from insufficient bandwidth utilization. However, the(More)
As networking is the backbone of computer industry. With the growing need of development and expansion, every industry nowadays depends on networking. Networking includes special devices for specific task like router for path selection, switches for better connectivity, and firewalls for better security. With the increasing spoofing and snooping threats the(More)
In this paper, we have exploited the novel hybrid-cum-improved spectrum access strategy to significant improvement in the throughput and data-loss rate. This proposed strategy is comprise of hybrid spectrum access and improved frame structure strategies for the cognitive radio communication system. In addition to this, the mathematical expressions of(More)
In this paper, we have exploited the spectrum monitoring and prediction techniques, simultaneously for the spectrum mobility, in order to enhance the performance of the cognitive radio network. In the proposed strategy, the decision results of the spectrum prediction and monitoring techniques are fused using AND and OR fusion rules, for the detection of(More)
In today's time, providing security to the network based systems is very important to perform all operations in reliable manner. With graduate increase in number of attacks on the network based systems, researcher's interest have increased in IDS(Intrusion Detection System).This paper provides information about IDS and its services and various problems(More)
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