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CO adsorption on a PtCo(111) surface was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy. Comparison of images with chemical contrast of Pt and Co and images showing the CO molecules indicates that CO resides exclusively on top of Pt sites and never on Co. CO bonding is highly sensitive to the chemical environment. The probability to find CO on a Pt atom increases(More)
The success of a new CPV prototype depends on modules quality and assembly compliance with existing Standards, such as IEC 62108, 62670, 62787, and others still under development/approval for performance evaluation. The overall CPV system reliability is based on the quality of the subcomponents such as the optics, the cells, the electronics and the assembly(More)
INTRODUCTION The evaluation of the patients' perspective of psychiatric admission is useful to define what is the therapeutic milieu and important to improve treatment quality. AIM This study aimed to explore the patients' perspective of psychiatric admission to a residential unit for intensive rehabilitation treatment. METHODS A questionnaire,(More)
In view of the importance of knowing the prevalence and incidence rates of a disease to learn about its behavior and control at the collective level, a study was undertaken to determine the occurrence of hanseniasis among the clients of health agencies and to explore the use of this methodology for estimating the epidemiologic "iceberg" of the disease,(More)
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