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In an E-learning classroom, students and professors are at different geographic locations. In the present E-learning system, the professor and the student interact with each other through simple internet applications. The disadvantage in this type of classroom set-up is that students in a remote location will not receive the same attention as those ones in(More)
The influence of nutritional inadequacy during the active growth phase of the developing brain, coinciding with myelinogenesis, was examined in rat pups. Developmental profiles of enzyme activities involved in biosynthesis of myelin membrane lipids, and those of associated pathways which generate precursor compounds for such biosynthetic reactions, were(More)
Power flow study is performed to determine the power systems static states at each bus to find the steady state operating conditions of the systems. Power flow study is the most frequently carried out study performed by power utilities and it is required in almost all the stages of power systems planning, operation and control. In this paper, two modules of(More)
This paper presents a research work on artificial neural networks (ANN) to examine whether the Power Systems is secured under steady-state operating conditions. ANN determines the minimum bus voltages and maximum ratio of line-flow to permissible line- flow. Detailed load flow study is avoided if the values supplied by ANN satisfy these operating(More)
Cellular damage arising from free radical is one of the fundamental mechanism underlying a number of human neurodegenerative disorder like diabetes, inflammation, Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune pathologic and digestive system disorder. Thus antioxidant plays an important role in the treatment of such disease. The present study aims at a comparative(More)
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