S. Padmini

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The influence of nutritional inadequacy during the active growth phase of the developing brain, coinciding with myelinogenesis, was examined in rat pups. Developmental profiles of enzyme activities involved in biosynthesis of myelin membrane lipids, and those of associated pathways which generate precursor compounds for such biosynthetic reactions, were(More)
Salivary duct carcinoma (SDC) is a rare, extremely aggressive malignancy arising in the ductal epithelium of the salivary glands. SDC occurs almost exclusively in the major salivary glands with parotid gland predominantly affected. Only isolated cases involving minor salivary glands have been reported in the literature. We report an unusual case of(More)
Food restriction was found to impair the incorporation of [1-14C]palmitate into myelin membrane lipids of developing rat brain. An attempt was made to determine whether this phenomenon is due to differences in the rate of utilization of the labelled precursor or to its enhanced degradation via beta-oxidative pathways. Undernutrition in pups was imposed by(More)
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