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Violacein (Vio) is an important purple pigment with many potential bioactivities. Deoxyviolacein, a structural analog of Vio, is always synthesized in low concentrations with Vio in wild-type bacteria. Due to deoxyviolacein’s low production and difficulties in isolation and purification, little has been learned regarding its function and potential(More)
SUMMARY Topology optimization is formulated in terms of the nodal variables that control an implicit function description of the shape. The implicit function is constrained by upper and lower bounds, so that only a band of nodal variables needs to be considered in each step of the optimization. The weak form of the equilibrium equation is expressed as a(More)
Material instabilities are precursors to phenomena such as shear bands and fracture. Therefore , numerical methods that are intended for failure simulation need to reproduce the onset of material instabilities with reasonable fidelity. Here the effectiveness of particle discretizations in reproducing of the onset of material instabilities is analyzed in two(More)
Cellular engineering of bacteria, fungi, insect cells and mammalian cells is a promising methodology to improve recombinant protein production for structural, biochemical, and commercial applications. Increased understanding of the host organism biology has suggested engineering strategies targeting bottlenecks in transcription, translation, protein(More)
For the purpose of improving recombinant protein production from mammalian cells, an unbiased, high-throughput whole-genome RNA interference screen was conducted using human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK 293) cells expressing firefly luciferase. A 21,585 human genes were individually silenced with three different siRNAs for each gene. The screen identified 56(More)
Obtaining adequate quantities of functional mammalian membrane proteins has been a bottleneck in their structural and functional studies because the expression of these proteins from mammalian cells is relatively low. To explore the possibility of enhancing expression of these proteins using miRNA, a stable T-REx-293 cell line expressing the neurotensin(More)
G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are associated with a wide array of diseases and are targets of most of the medicines sold worldwide. Despite their clinical importance, only 25 unique GPCR structures have been determined as of April 2014. The first step for structural studies is to establish the expression of correctly folded, functional receptors in(More)