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The effects of pre-straining and bake hardening on the mechanical behaviour and microstructural changes were studied in two CMnSi TRansformation-Induced Plasticity (TRIP) steels with different microstructures after intercritical annealing. The TRIP steels before and after pre-straining and bake hardening were characterised by X-ray diffraction, optical(More)
(2017). Clustering and precipitation processes in a ferritic titanium-molybdenum microalloyed steel. Atom probe tomography of phosphorus-and boron-doped silicon nanocrystals with various compositions of silicon rich oxide. adsorption and sensing of open-shell NOx gases. (2016). Large spin-filtering effect in Ti-doped defective zigzag graphene nanoribbon.(More)
(2015). A new systematic framework for crystallographic analysis of atom probe data. Ultramicroscopy, (2015). Atom probe study of chromium oxide spinels formed during intergranular corrosion. Scripta Materialia, 99, 1-4. <a href=" (2015). Atom probe tomography investigation of heterogeneous short-range ordering in the 'komplex' phase state (K-state) of(More)
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