S P Reidbord

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Both psychodynamic and social-cognitive theoretical domains have control process models of behavior but with different ideas about the purpose and loci of control. This study examines expressive and defensive behaviors associated with different topics of discourse in the time-limited psychotherapy of a woman treated for pathological grief. Conceptually the(More)
Experimental evidence shows that many physiological processes abide by nonlinear dynamics and evidence chaos. Novel conceptual models postulate chaotic phenomena in psychological processes as well. The challenge in empirically testing these models is to develop measures that are sufficiently precise to permit nonlinear dynamical analyses and that also say(More)
An experienced, analytically trained psychotherapist was physiologically monitored while conducting a 28-session exploratory psychotherapy with a patient suffering a pathological grief reaction. The therapist's autonomic responses, as manifested by perturbations in heart rate, were subjected to nonlinear dynamical analysis, yielding a series of(More)
Chaos theory and nonlinear dynamical modeling have been applied successfully in a variety of scientific fields ranging from the physical sciences to population biology. More recently, investigators have modeled long-term psychological processes by applying this paradigm to subjective measures. Yet, mathematically rigorous dynamical modeling of transient(More)
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