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Although many approaches for face recognition have been proposed in the past, none of them can overcome the main problem of lighting, pose and orientation. For a real time face recognition system, these constraints are to be a major challenge which has to be addressed. In this proposed work, a methodology is adopted for improving the robustness of a face(More)
A real time implementation of Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for a spherical tank to control liquid level is studied. Control of liquid level in a spherical tank is highly non linear due to variation in the area of cross section of level system with change in shape .System identification of spherical tank system is done using black box model which is(More)
A photovoltaic cell converts the solar energy into the electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are widely used in terrestrial and space applications. The photovoltaic cells must be operated at their maximum power point. The maximum power point varies with illumination, temperature, radiation dose and other ageing effects. In this paper,(More)
This paper presents the comparison of various Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) strategies for the three phase Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter (DCMLI). The main contribution of this paper is the proposal of new modulation schemes with Variable Amplitude (VA) and various new schemes adopting the constant switching frequency and also variable switching(More)
This paper presents the comparative study of various Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation techniques with Sinusoidal reference for single phase seven level cascaded Z-source inverter designed with three intermediate Z-source networks connected between the input source inverter circuit. The cascaded Z-source based MLI technique enhances the fundamental output(More)
This work presents the comparison of hybrid carrier Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for the chosen three phase Cascaded Multi Level Inverter (CMLI). In this paper, a CMLI is controlled with Sinusoidal PWM technique with Alternative Phase Opposition and Disposition and Carrier Overlapping (APOD + CO), Alternative Phase Opposition and Disposition and(More)
This paper presents the comparison of Carrier Overlapping Pulse Width Modulation (COPWM) techniques for the Cascaded Multi Level Inverter (CMLI). A CMLI is controlled in this paper with Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) reference, Third Harmonic Injection PWM (THI PWM) reference, Sixty degree PWM reference and Stepped wave reference with Carrier Overlapping (CO)(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for controlling the harmonics of output voltage of chosen Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (CMLI) employing trapezoidal PWM switching strategies. Carrier Disposition (CD) methods and Phase Shift (PS) method employed are evaluated using spectrum of the output voltage and other performance measures such as crest factor, form(More)
The present work deals with the application of neuro control theory for the closed loop operation of negative output self-lift Luo converter, which is a newly developed DC-DC converter. Due to the time-varying and switching nature of the power electronic converters, their dynamic behavior becomes highly non-linear. Conventional controllers are incapable of(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of various bipolar Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation (MCPWM) strategies with various references for single phase Nine level Trinary Source cascaded inverter with Universal Motor load. This novel approach is for medium voltage applications. Performance factors such as %THD for Voltage and Current, VRMS, IRMS(More)