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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES To assess the effects on macro- and micronutrient intake of a nutrition intervention program in corporate settings across the United States. SUBJECTS/METHODS Two hundred and ninety-two individuals who were overweight or had type 2 diabetes were recruited from 10 sites of a US insurance company. Two hundred and seventy-one(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of a low-fat plant-based diet program on anthropometric and biochemical measures in a multicenter corporate setting. SUBJECTS/METHODS Employees from 10 sites of a major US company with body mass index ≥ 25 kg/m(2) and/or previous diagnosis of type 2 diabetes were randomized to either follow a low-fat vegan(More)
I. Lysozyme activity was estimated in plasma and leucocytes of twelve children suffering from kwashiorkor, thirteen children with ocular signs of vitamin A deficiency and ten apparently normal children acting as controls. 2. The results showed that the activity of lysozyme in leucocytes was significantly reduced in children with kwashiorkor and in vitamin(More)
In the current age business establishments are basically depends upon advertisement to attain success. In this paper we consider different forms of advertisements then using rough set concept, we find the best possible forms of advertisement. To develop this concept we consider 1000 samples initially and applying correlation techniques the number reduces to(More)
The jute industries 10 to 15 years back especially in south Asian countries are bread and butter for the people belonging to middle and lower income group , now the scenario is completely different. In the present scenario jute is found to be expensive and not much useful as compared to other parallel packaging material available in the market due for this(More)