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Numerical rating scales and mechanical visual analogue scales (M-VAS) were compared for their capacity to provide ratio scale measures of experimental pain. Separate estimates of experimental pain sensation intensity and pain unpleasantness were obtained by each method, as were estimates of clinical pain. Orofacial pain patients made numerical scale and VAS(More)
The incidence of 3 sensory abnormalities was studied among 17 patients with a diagnosis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and 14 patients with persistent limb pain following trauma; the extent to which the 3 abnormalities were associated with each other and with the intensity of spontaneous clinical pain were also studied. These abnormalities included(More)
OBJECTIVE Pain-relieving effects of lidocaine/bupivicaine local anesthetic (LA) and saline (S) block of sympathetic ganglia (stellate block, 4 patients; lumbar sympathetic block, 3 patients) were compared in 7 complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) patients on a double-blind crossover basis to evaluate the diagnostic and therapeutic value of local anesthetic(More)
BACKGROUND Photoaged skin is characterized by coarse and fine wrinkles. The mechanism of wrinkle formation appears to involve changes to components of the dermal extracellular matrix. Topical treatment with all-trans retinoic acid (RA) can repair photoaged dermal matrix; this is regarded as the 'gold standard' against which repair agents are judged. To(More)
Methods For the patch test, commercially available test product and its vehicle were applied occluded for 12-days to photoaged forearm skin (n = 10) prior to biopsy and immunohistochemical assessment of fibrillin-1; all-trans retinoic acid (RA) was used as a positive control. Sixty photoaged subjects were recruited to the RCT (test product, n = 30 vs.(More)
BACKGROUND Very few over-the-counter cosmetic 'anti-ageing' products have been subjected to a rigorous double-blind, vehicle-controlled trial of efficacy. Previously we have shown that application of a cosmetic 'anti-ageing' product to photoaged skin under occlusion for 12 days can stimulate the deposition of fibrillin-1. This observation infers potential(More)
Approximately two-thirds of cancer patients suffer from significant pain. Until recently, less expensive and less costly conservative treatments have been utilized to treat these patients' pain, but the outcomes have been poor, with many experiencing inadequate pain relief. Although intraspinal opioid therapy is relatively new and more invasive than(More)