S. P. Leo Kumar

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—An outdoor crop-bed was prepared to observe scatterom-eter response in the angular range of 20 • to 70 • at VV-and HH-polarization. The soil moisture and crop variables like plant height, leaf area index and biomass of crop ladyfinger were measured at different growth stages of the crop ladyfinger. Temporal variation in scattering coefficient was found(More)
In Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), process parameters selection for the given manufacturing feature is the final activity and it is the key area for research and development. In this work, an attempt has been made to optimize parameters for micro end-milling operation as a part of CAPP system development for micromachining processes using Artificial(More)
TCP, Transmission control protocol which is mainly used in the wired network to provide process to process or end to end delivery of data. This protocol is mainly known because of its feature of providing a reliable delivery of packets from source to the destinati on due to this capability researchers are always interested in deploying it over Mobile Adhoc(More)
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