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CD36 deficiency was studied with attention to the phenotype-genotype relationship. The diagnosis of CD36 deficiency was made when CD36 was negative on platelets (type II) or on both platelets and monocytes (type I). Among 827 apparently healthy Japanese volunteers, the type I and II deficiencies were found in 8 (1.0%) and 48 (5.8%), respectively. The T for(More)
Copper-catalyzed oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) (0.8 g protein/l LDL, 20 mumol/l CuSo4, 37 degrees C) resulted in the formation of thiobarbituric reactive substances that was substantially completed at 24 hrs whereas their formation from high-density lipoproteins (HDL) plateaued at only 25% of that amount after 8 hrs. The oxidized lipoproteins(More)
BACKGROUND Central corneal thickness (CCT) of 74 eyes from 39 normal Hong Kong Chinese subjects with ages ranging from 39 to 86 years were studied. AIM & PURPOSE To compare the measurements of different devices and to compare the results of ethnic groups in other studies. METHODS Non-contact measurements by Orbscan and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)(More)
PURPOSE To review the result of nonpenetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) combined with phacoemulsification in the treatment of chronic angle-closure glaucoma (CACG) with coexisting cataract. METHODS This is a retrospective review of 29 eyes of 26 patients who had undergone combined NPDS and phacoemulsification for cataract and CACG between January 2001 and(More)
To find out whether CD36 plays a role in the human lipoprotein metabolism, we studied lipoprotein profiles in subjects with CD36 deficiency. Apparently healthy Japanese volunteers (n = 790) were classified by flow cytometry into three groups of normal (platelet and monocyte CD36+, n = 741, 93.8%), type-II deficiency (platelet CD36- and monocyte CD36+, n =(More)
Previous in vitro studies have shown that CD36 participates in cellular fatty acid (FA) uptake. In vivo evidence for a physiologic role of CD36 in this process is poor and mostly obtained in animals. To examine the metabolic role of human CD36, we performed a glucose loading test for normals (n = 16) and subjects with CD36 deficiency, both Type I (n = 5)(More)
BACKGROUND Optical coherence tomography (OCT) acquires cross-sectional retinal images with high resolution using low-coherence interferometry. Few studies have studied the effect of demographic data and ocular parameters that may affect central retinal thickness. In this study, these factors were used as parameters to analyse if any significant relationship(More)
High density lipoprotein (HDL) with and without apolipoprotein (apo) E was quantified and characterized in subjects with three genotypes of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) deficiency: the nonsense mutation in intron 14 (10 homozygotes and 5 heterozygotes); the missense mutation in the exon 15 (3 homozygotes and 9 heterozygotes); and the(More)
The effects of the short term administration of triamcinolone (0.5 mg per 100 g body weight, 5 days) on apolipoprotein E and A-I concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), brain extract and serum were studied in male Wistar rats using enzyme immunoassays. ApoE was significantly increased by triamcinolone in apoE-rich HDL1 in serum; 40+/-13 (mean+/-SD) vs.(More)
PURPOSE Orthovoltage X-ray units are used to irradiate cell cultures or small animals in research. Beam characteristics of these units are often not well understood and only nominal dose specified is used by researchers in their studies. This work describes commissioning of an orthovoltage unit similar to that of a linear accelerator. METHODS The X-Rad(More)