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The purpose of this brief note is to call attention to a theorem published almost twenty-…ve years ago [GGH] on two dimensional cellular automata which we believe is still of interest, but which seems to be very little known. One reason for this obscurity may be that when we wrote this paper, we did not know the term " cellular automata " , and so it does(More)
The equation studied is u 00 + n1 r u 0 + "u u 0 = 0; with boundary conditions u (1) = 0; u (1) = 1. This model equation has been studied by many authors since it was introduced in the 1950s by P. A. Lagerstrom. We use an elementary approach to show that there is an innnite series solution which is uniformly convergent on 1 r < 1: The rst few terms are(More)
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