S.P. DiBartola

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Polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats culminates in chronic renal failure after a variable clinical course. An affected 6-year-old Persian cat was used to establish a colony of cats with polycystic kidney disease. In affected cats, cysts could be detected by ultrasonography as early as 7 weeks of age. Absence of cysts on ultrasound examination at 6(More)
After 6 months of Open Access/On-line Only publication of the Journal, it is timely to report on our experience and a number of changes to some of the Journal's publication practices. The move to Open Access/On-line Only has resulted in a marked increase in electronic readership of the Journal. Full-text downloads increased 59% Jan–Apr 2015 compared to the(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term treatment of cats with ionized hypercalcemia using alendronate has not been evaluated. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES Alendronate is well tolerated in treatment of ionized hypercalcemia in cats. ANIMALS A total of 12 cats with ionized hypercalcemia. METHODS Prospective study of 12 cats with ionized hypercalcemia of idiopathic origin was(More)
Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a syndrome caused by various etiologies. The clinical manifestations of DM are not indicative of the cause of the disease, but might be indicative of the stage and severity of the disease process. Accurately diagnosing and classifying diabetic dogs and cats by the underlying disease process is essential for current and future(More)
Starting with the next issue (Volume 29, #1), the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine will be published in a digital only, open access format, thus beginning a new chapter in the Journal's history. Since its first issue in 1987, the Journal has enjoyed steady growth in numbers of submissions and published articles and the editorial board has expanded to(More)
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