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Pax6 is the universal master control gene for eye morphogenesis. Other than retina and lens, Pax6 also expressed in the ocular surface epithelium from early gestation until the postnatal stage, in which little is known about the function of Pax6. In this study, corneal pannus tissues from patients with ocular surface diseases such as Stevens-Johnson(More)
The stem cells (SCs) of the corneal epithelium located in the limbal basal layer are the ultimate source to maintain corneal epithelial homeostasis. Like other adult tissue-specific SCs, self renewal and fate decision of limbal SCs are regulated by a specialized in vivo microenvironment, termed "niche". Loss of limbal SCs or dysfunction of the limbal niche(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate modifiable risk and preventive factors of work-related eye injuries. METHODS A case-crossover study conducted to explore the associations between transient risk factors and work-related eye injuries. Patients seen at seven medical centres in Taiwan with work-related eye injuries over a 4-year period were enrolled in the study.(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a brief, reliable screening questionnaire for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for use in primary care settings. METHODS We developed a COPD Screening Questionnaire (COPD-SQ) using data collected from 19,800 subjects aged ≥40 years obtained from an epidemiological study of COPD in China in 2002 (Phase I). A stepwise(More)
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