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BACKGROUND Previous studies have indicated that beta adrenergic receptor stimulation has no effect on the cognitive functioning of the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Blockade of beta-1 and beta-2 receptors in the PFC with the mixed beta-1/beta-2 antagonist, propanolol, had no effect on spatial working memory performance. However, more selective blockade of beta-1(More)
CONTEXT Macrophage infiltration into adipose tissue has been demonstrated to accompany obesity, with a potential preferential infiltration into intraabdominal vs. sc fat. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine whether this occurs across different populations with a range of body mass indexes and to assess the relationship with regional adiposity and(More)
Optical burst switching presents challenges to the design of optical routers. This paper considers how to dimension a router of N input data ports with an additional M fiber delay lines (N+M internal ports) in a hop-and-span constrained network. The router incorporates tunable FDLs that can vary their size to fit the burst being buffered. Tunable fiber(More)
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