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This study examined the shear bond strengths of enamel bond formed at specific time intervals after the termination of vital bleaching. A total of 160 extracted human anterior teeth were divided into three bleaching treatment (BTx) groups (Superoxol, Proxigel, White & Brite), two bonding agent (BA) subgroups (Scotchbond Dual Cure, Scotchbond 2) and two BA(More)
A number of glycosphingolipids, including 10 gangliosides, not previously identified in human plasma have been characterized. The plasma contains 2 micrograms of lipid-bound sialic acid/ml plasma and 54% of the gangliosides are monosialo, 30% disialo, 10% trisialo, and 6% tetrasialo. Individual glycosphingolipids were purified by high-performance liquid(More)
Gangliosides are known to inhibit the proliferative response of murine and human lymphocytes to antigens and mitogens in vitro. In this study the response of murine spleen cells to concanavalin A (Con A) was used as a model system. Analysis of the cellular events by flow cytometry revealed that during the first 24 hr of culture the effect of gangliosides on(More)
Antibodies to one or more glycosphingolipids were detected by means of a liposome lysis assay in the sera of 60/81 patients with multiple sclerosis, 24/42 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and in the majority of patients with cranial trauma or cerebrovascular accidents. Antibodies against ganglioside GM1 and asialo GM1 were found most commonly and(More)
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