S. Osher Pais

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A retrospective review of chest radiographs from 205 patients with blunt chest trauma who also underwent aortography was performed. Forty-one of the 205 had aortographically proved aortic rupture. Discriminant analysis of 16 radiographic signs indicated that the most discriminating signs were loss of the aorticopulmonary window, abnormality of the aortic(More)
We evaluated the risks and benefits of percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTD) in 44 patients. Patients were divided into two groups, palliative and preoperative, each of which had 22 patients. Major complications included bacteremia, hemobilia, and liver abscess and occurred in ten patients (23%). A liver abscess along the catheter tract may have(More)
This article evaluates the ease, safety, and convenience of percutaneous Greenfield filter placement and compares percutaneous with surgical placement. Greenfield filters were inserted percutaneously into the inferior vena cava in 96 patients. Ninety filters were placed via the femoral route and 12 were placed from the right internal jugular vein. Six(More)
Two cases are presented in which postpartum hemorrhage was controlled by Gelfoam embolization via an angiographic catheter. The advantages of embolization over surgery are discussed. It is suggested that an attempt be made to control severe postpartum hemorrhage by this means before resorting to surgery.
OBJECTIVE We performed a retrospective review of trauma patients who had undergone both pelvic angiography and preangiographic i.v. contrast-enhanced CT to determine whether CT can accurately demonstrate the presence or absence of pelvic bleeding in patients with multisystem trauma and major pelvic fractures. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We reviewed the medical(More)
To evaluate the limitations of intravenous carotid digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in the diagnosis of carotid disease, studies of 130 patients were reviewed. Factors that resulted in a nondiagnostic study included: (1) misregistration larynx artifact overlying the carotid bifurcation; (2) external carotid or vertebral artery overlying the internal(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a new percutaneous Greenfield filter with an alternating hook design and over-the-wire delivery system. MATERIALS AND METHODS The alternating hook stainless steel Greenfield filter was evaluated in a prospective clinical trial between March 10, 1994, and January 27, 1995. Filters were placed in 75 patients in nine clinical centers and(More)
Angiography has a central role in both diagnosis and therapy of traumatic vascular injuries from blunt and penetrating mechanisms. Angiography is considered the "gold standard" for establishing the presence of vascular injury, but precise indications and appropriate timing of angiography in certain clinical situations, such as proximity injury to the(More)