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This paper focuses on optimisation algorithms inspired by swarm intelligence for satellite image classification from high resolution satellite multi-spectral images. Amongst the multiple benefits and uses of remote sensing, one of the most important has been its use in solving the problem of land cover mapping. As the frontiers of space technology advance,(More)
Single-qubit dissipative and non-dissipative channels, set in the general scenario of a system’s interaction with a squeezed thermal bath, are compared in the Choi isomorphism framework, to bring out their contrasting rank and geometric properties. The equivalence of commutativity between the signal states and the Kraus operators to that between the system(More)
A model reference indirect adaptive neural control scheme which uses both off-line and online learning strategies is proposed for an unstable nonlinear aircraft controller design. The bounded input bounded output stability requirement for the controller design is circumvented using an off-line, finite interval of time training scheme. The aircraft model is(More)
This paper discusses parallel algorithm of memory neuron networks for identification of nonlinear dynamical systems. These are a class of recurrent networks obtained by adding trainable temporal elements to feed-forward networks that makes the output history-sensitive. By virtue of this capability, these networks can identify nonlinear dynamical systems(More)
The cricket is one of most popular games in the Asian subcontinent and its popularity is increasing every day. The issue of replacement of the cricket ball amidst the matches is always an uncomfortable situation for teams, umpires and even supporters. At present the basis of the replacement is solely on the judgement, experience and expertise of the(More)
In this paper we show the applicability of ant colony optimisation (ACO) techniques for pattern classification problem that arises in tool wear monitoring. In an earlier study, artificial neural networks and genetic programming have been successfully applied to tool wear monitoring problem. ACO is a recent addition to evolutionary computation technique that(More)
A discrete time neural network based lateral controller design for an F-16 nonlinear model is presented. The controller is designed using model reference indirect adaptive control and the input output representation and control law for nonlinear model are established using system theory. The input-output representation and control law are approximated using(More)
When a model for quantum noise is exactly solvable, a Kraus (or operatorsum) representation can be derived from the spectral decomposition of the Choi matrix for the channel. More generally, a Kraus representation can be obtained from any positive-sum (or ensemble) decomposition of the matrix. Here we extend this idea to any Hermitian-sum decomposition.(More)
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