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Knowledge of land surface water, energy, and carbon conditions are of critical importance due to their impact on many real world applications such as agricultural production, water resource management, and flood, weather, and climate prediction. Land Information System (LIS) is a software framework that integrates the use of satellite and ground-based(More)
The Land Information System software (LIS; http://lis.gsfc.nasa.gov/, 2006) has been developed to support high-performance land surface modeling and data assimilation. LIS integrates parallel and distributed computing technologies with modern land surface modeling capabilities, and establishes a framework for easy interchange of subcomponents, such as land(More)
A global Land Information System (LIS; http://lis.gsfc.nasa.gov) has been developed that is capable of modeling land-atmosphere interactions at spatial resolutions down to 1km. LIS consists of an ensemble of land surface models (e.g., CLM, Noah, VIC) run offline using satellite-based precipitation, radiation and surface parameters, in addition to(More)
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