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The Schwann cell cables provide particularly favorable sites for the growth of regenerating axonal sprouts. However, if they remain denervated, endoneurial fibrosis takes place with the Schwann cells atrophying and total Schwann cell number gradually decrease with time. Even when regenerating axonal sprouts invade into the cables, Schwann cells do not(More)
We studied the effect of initiation time of nerve expansion after nerve transection on the induction of ODC activity and Schwann cell proliferation in nerve tissue under Wallerian degeneration. The levels of ODC activity and Schwann cell proliferation decreased as the initiation time of nerve expansion was delayed after nerve transection, and peak levels of(More)
We investigated the expression of tyrosine kinase receptors (trkBs) and their ligand, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), in isolated sciatic nerve segments of rat in a silicone chamber model devoid of axonal contact, using an immunohistochemical technique. The receptor gp 95trkB was not detected during the first 3 weeks but was strongly expressed in(More)
We have found previously that expansion of the Wallerian degenerated nerve was accompanied by accelerated Schwann cell proliferation. In this study, we investigated the usefulness of the elongation of Wallerian degenerated nerve for the repair of short nerve gap. Male Wistar rats were used. After the left sciatic nerve was transected the rats were divided(More)
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