S O Tissari

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Spontaneous magnetoencephalographic activity was recorded with a 24-SQUID gradiometer over the lateral aspects of the head in 3 healthy adults. All subjects displayed 8-10 Hz rhythmic activity which was not affected by opening of the eyes but was occasionally dampened by auditory stimuli. The equivalent sources of the rhythm were in the supratemporal(More)
Medial temporal brain structures and hippocampus are associated with memory encoding and activate during registration and transfer of information within cortico-hippocampal circuits. Hippocampal dysfunction may cause learning and memory deficits as well as epileptogenesis. We monitored neuronal population activity of the human hippocampal formation with a(More)
We recorded auditory evoked magnetic fields from 6 healthy subjects with a 122-channel whole-head neuromagnetometer. The stimuli were 200-ms 1-kHz tones delivered at 4 different intensities (40, 50, 60, and 65 dB HL). The tones were given once every second, binaurally in the first session, and monaurally to each ear in the second one. The four intensities(More)
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