S. O. Anderson

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~While-least-cost~ error correction is fundamentally important to context-free language processing, it is inefficient w'Qhemdone globally. A locally least-cost repair method has been devised to model error recovery in conventional-~o-mpile]ts. The principles of this recovery technique have inspired a practical LL(1) method and should be of value m(More)
Flow based traffic measurement today is a very important tool for network management but suffers from huge amounts of data and a lack of scalability. Therefore it is important to find methods to reduce that amount of data for applications like long-term archiving or filtering in mediators to improve scalability. A fact that helps here is, that general(More)
One of the most common patterns of the geographic landscape is the fractal or near-fractal form. Unfortunately, most traditional methods of spatial interpolation assume some type of continuous and regionalizeable variation of the underlying geographic form, an assumption at odds with the observed fractal properties of many landscapes. An extremely simple(More)
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