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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical course and identify the causative organisms of acute mastoiditis in a community where most of the patients who develop acute otitis media are treated with antibiotics. METHODS A multicenter retrospective review of a series of 223 consecutive cases of acute mastoiditis. SETTING Nine secondary or tertiary academic or(More)
Management policies for penetrating wounds of the neck vary from mandatory surgical exploration to selective surgical exploration following extensive or minimal imaging investigation. In order to review the treatment protocol at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel, we retrospectively studied 21 patients who were treated between the years 1984 and(More)
The clinical course and causative organisms were studied in 18 patients with acute mastoiditis, 13 of whom (72%) had no previous history of middle ear disease. Their age ranged from 5 months to 21 years, and duration of middle ear symptoms immediately prior to admission ranged from 1 to 45 days (average 9.7 days). None had undergone a myringotomy prior to(More)
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