S. Nugent

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The establishment of anterior-posterior polarity in the Caenorhabditis elegans embryo requires the activity of the maternally expressed par genes. We report the identification and analysis of a new par gene, par-5. We show that par-5 is required for asynchrony and asymmetry in the first embryonic cell divisions, normal pseudocleavage, normal cleavage(More)
—The growing speed gap between transistors and wire interconnects is forcing the development of distributed, or clustered , architectures. These designs partition the chip into small regions with fast intracluster communication. Longer latency is required to communicate between clusters. The hardware and/or software are responsible for scheduling(More)
Our primary objective in this study was to quantify whole brain and regional cerebral metabolic rates of glucose (CMRg) in young and older adults in order to determine age-normalized reference CMRg values for healthy older adults with normal cognition for age. Our secondary objectives were to—(i) report a broader range of metabolic and endocrine parameters(More)
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