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Character recognition lies at the core of the discipline of pattern recognition where the aim is to represent a sequence of characters taken from an alphabet [Kasturi, R., Gorman, L.O., Govindaraju, V., 2002. Document image analysis: a primer. Sadhana 27 (Part 1), 3–22]. Though many kinds of features have been developed and their test performances on(More)
Studying the inherently high-dimensional nature of the data in a lower dimensional manifold has become common in recent years. This is generally known as dimensionality reduction. A very interesting strategy for dimensionality reduction is what is known as subspace analysis. Beginning with the Eigenface method, face recognition and in general computer(More)
This paper presents a simple and novel no reference filter based rules for Boolean blur metric (FBBM) to classify the blurred images from the database of home photos. Our primary goal of this paper is to classify the blurred images rather than measuring degree of blurness in the image or deblur an image. Thus the name given to this approach is Boolean blur(More)
Contemporary society is highly networked and thus biometrics based surveillance has paramount importance for various security based reasons. The automatic, remote and robot vision based system are being deployed in a large way [11, 12]. The success of these schemes is highly dependent on robust algorithms for both face and object recognition. In this paper,(More)
Recent years have witnessed researchers paying enormous attention to design efficient multi-modal biometric systems because of their ability to withstand spoof attacks. Single biometric sometimes fails to extract adequate information for verifying the identity of a person [7]. On the other hand, by combining multiple modalities, enhanced performance(More)