S Noor Mohammad

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A unified mechanism for the growth of a wide variety of long, uniform, single-crystal nanowires and whiskers, including III-V and II-VI binary, ternary, and quaternary nanowires and whiskers, without the use of any substrate and catalyst has been presented. While elucidating the mechanism, attempts have been made to provide a kinetic and thermodynamic(More)
Vapor-phase mechanisms [e.g., vapor-liquid-solid (VLS), vapor-solid-solid, oxide-assisted growth, and the self-catalytic growth mechanisms] for the unidirectional nanowire (NW) growth are not yet well understood. For this understanding, growths of GaN and InN NWs in our laboratory, without and with the assistance of foreign element catalytic agents (FECAs),(More)
While lightly doped semiconductors are preferred for Schottky contacts, heavily doped semiconductors are preferred for Ohmic contacts. The upper limit of doping for Schottky contacts and the lower limit of doping for Ohmic contacts have not, however, been quantified. To address this problem, the influence of doping induced surface chemistry on the(More)
The fundamentals of phase separations of single-crystal III-V nitride nanowires grown by self-catalytic chemical vapor deposition method have been studied. Experimental tools, such as high resolution transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, have been used to characterize the nanowires. The study indicates that nanowires with(More)
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