S. Nicoletti

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We report on the advanced optical characterizations of microfabricated solid immersion lenses with 2-µm diameter, operating at λ = 642 nm. The main feature, the spot size reduction, has been investigated by applying a focused Gaussian beam of NA = 0.9. Particular illuminating beams, e.g., Bessel-Gauss beams of the zeroth and the first order, a(More)
The favorable downscaling behavior of photoacoustic spectroscopy has provoked in recent years a growing interest in the miniaturization of photoacoustic sensors. The individual components of the sensor, namely widely tunable quantum cascade lasers, low loss mid infrared (mid-IR) waveguides, and efficient microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphones are(More)
In this paper the Group Technology problem of grouping parts in families and machines in cells in order to convert a job shop production system to some pseudo ow shops is considered. Several heuristic methods for solving Group Technology problem have been proposed in the literature, in general, not producing a ow shop in each cell|unless a great number of(More)
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