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The design, fabrication, and characterization of three- and four-stage monolithic GaAs power FET amplifiers are described. Each of the amplifier chips measures 1 mm × 4 mm. Procedures for characterizing these monolithic amplifiers are outlined. Output powers of up to 1 W with 27-dB gain were achieved with a four-stage design near 9 GHz. The circuit(More)
We present the development of thin-film Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) surface mount packages with a novel bandpass feedthrough at K-band (18 – 27 GHz). The packages are constructed using multi-layer LCP films and can be surface mounted on a printed circuit board. Our experimental results demonstrate that the bandpass package feedthrough transition(More)
MHEMT technology using metamorphic buffer layers growing on GaAs substrate can overcome InP substrate issues. Several researchers have demonstrated reliable MHEMT devices, mainly with the drain bias at 1 V. This work, however, demonstrated for the first time MHEMT devices operated at drain voltage greater than 3 V for the amplifier application. We have(More)
The design of a 6-18-GHz two-stage monolithic feedback amplifier is discussed, and the critical process and FET parameters are identified. Variations in circuit performance experienced during a pilot production run are correlated with the predictions of a sensitivity analysis. Five circuit model parameters were selected for study: substrate height, GaAs(More)
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