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A stochastic sub-grid model is often used to accurately represent particle dispersion in turbulent flows using Large Eddy Simulations. This type of models have a free parameter, the dispersion coefficient, which is not universal and is strongly grid-dependent. In the present paper, a dynamic model for the evaluation of the coefficient is proposed and(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Rotator cuff re-ruptures appear in 38-65% of cases. In order to reduce this rate, many studies have been performed using different types of biomaterial for purely mechanical aims (re-inforce the suture) and/or biological agents (growth factor transporterts). The aim of this study is to review 22 cases treated with xenografts and(More)
OBJECTIVES The indications for radial head arthroplasty are essentially complex fractures with ligament damage (medial, lateral or Essex-Lopresti), and/or associated with bone damage (coronoids or olecranon). The aim of this study is to review our experience with the use of a radial head prosthesis in the context of a trauma. MATERIAL AND METHOD An(More)
Modelling sprays and spray combustion is a challenging task due to the wide range of the associated length and time scales and the complex interaction of turbulence and the physico-chemical processes, such as heat and mass transfers across interfaces. Most computational studies of evaporating sprays do not resolve the liquid phase nor the near field and the(More)
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