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Circuit breakers and transformers are two of the most common components in the power system. Catastrophic failure of these components will result in high cost associated with the loss of load and component replacement. Preventive maintenance may reduce these costs by extending the components' lifetime and increasing availability. However, too much(More)
Catastrophic failures of circuit breakers result in high cost associated with loss of load and component replacement. The probability of such failures can be reduced using maintenance procedures. Probabilistic models are needed to estimate failure rate, perform cost benefit analysis and arrive at an optimal maintenance strategy that balances the cost of(More)
A continuous and reliable electrical energy supply is the objective of any power system operation. However, faults inevitably occur in power system due to bad weather conditions, equipment damage, equipment failure, environment changes, human or animal interference and many other reasons. Since it is very important that correct information about fault(More)
Cost-effective maintenance scheduling of power system equipment is critical, especially with present economic scenario of power industry. Apart from long-term maintenance policy, asset planners need to come up with revised short term maintenance strategies mainly due to the shrinking budget allocations for various reasons. The problem may be formulated as(More)
Recent trend in maintenance is to optimize the frequency of inspection and repair according to the condition of the equipment being maintained. Condition-based maintenance introduces additional investment in monitoring equipment and analyzing systems. This approach is acceptable only if the benefits are greater than the existing cost of maintenance and(More)
This paper defines a frame work of system level maintenance strategy based on probabilistic maintenance models. A concept of 'top-down' approach, listing various steps in operation and planning affected by maintenance strategy, is introduced. Illustration of these steps in detail is explained in 'bottom-up' approach with application to circuit breaker. A(More)
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