S. Narayanan

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In this paper, we identify and study an important patient privacy protection problem related to medical images. Following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandate on privacy protection of patients' medical records, efforts have been devoted to guaranteeing the confidentiality of data and medical images during storage and(More)
Narayanan and Jurafsky (1998) proposed that human language comprehension can be modeled by treating human comprehenders as Bayesian reasoners, and modeling the comprehension process with Bayesian decision trees. In this paper we extend the Narayanan and Jurafsky model to make further predictions about reading time given the probability of difference parses(More)
Intra-operative dosimetry in prostate brachytherapy requires 3D coordinates of the implanted, radioactive seeds. Since CT is not readily available during the implant operation, projection x-rays are commonly used for intra-operative seed localization. Three x-ray projections are usually used. The requirement of the current seed reconstruction algorithms is(More)
This article presents a computational model of the learning of diagnostic knowledge based on observations of human operators engaged in a real-world troubleshooting task. We present a model of problem solving and learning in which the reasoner introspects about its own performance on the problem solving task, identifies what it needs to learn to improve its(More)