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Two well-established robust laws in behavioural sciences are Zipf's law in Linguistics, and Bradford's Law in Informetrics. Both are similar power-law functions. In an earlier work (1992) the authors developed an information theoretic model for Zipf s law based on the classical Shannon theory. A newer version, based on algorithmic information theory, was(More)
We have studied the rank frequency distribution (RFD) of letters of the alphabet in Tamil language texts. In a novel application of rank frequencies, we have defined a simple intuitive distance parameter between a pair of strings (text or DNA sequence of codons). This distance correlates well with age difference in historical linguistics and evolutionary(More)
Is is shown, using rigorous statistical tests, that the number of journals (J) carryingp papers in a given subject can be expressed as a simple power law functionJ(p)=K p −γ , K and γ being constants. The standard maximum likelihood method of estimating γ has been suitably modified to take acoount of the fact thatp is a discrete integer variable. The(More)