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The cellular protooncogene, c-ski, is expressed in all cells of the developing mouse at low but detectable levels. In situ hybridization and Northern blot analyses reveal that some cells and tissues express this gene at higher levels at certain stages of embryonic and postnatal development. RT-PCR results indicate that alternative splicing of exon 2, known(More)
Overexpression of either v-ski, or the proto-oncogene, c-ski, in quail embryo fibroblasts induces the expression of myoD and myogenin, converting the cells to myoblasts capable of differentiating into skeletal myotubes. In transgenic mice, overexpression of ski also influences muscle development, but in this case it effects fully formed muscle, causing(More)
Overexpression of v-ski blocks the terminal differentiation of chicken erythroblasts, and in cooperation with v-sea causes transformation of these cells, indicating that c-ski may play a role in regulating either proliferation or differentiation in hematopoietic cells. We examined c-ski expression in four different myeloid cell lines which can be induced to(More)
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