S. Naga Sekhar Kshatriya

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A Heterogeneous network (HetNet) of LTE is expected to have macros, picos with biased association, and, femtos in closed access mode. An user equipment (UE) which associates to a pico eNodeB due to biasing experiences severe interference from macro eNodeB. Similarly, a UE associated to the macro eNodeB in the proximity of closed access femto can go into(More)
In this work, a heterogeneous network with low power pico nodes overlaid in macro cell coverage area is considered. Biased association is used at picos to achieve load balancing, which results in cell range expansion (CRE). The user equipments (UEs) in CRE region will associate to a weak pico node and experience severe interference from macro eNodeB.(More)
Significant throughput gains can be achieved in a multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) wireless system by exploiting the combination of multi-user scheduling and multi-user diversity. Open-loop MU-MIMO (OL-MU-MIMO) is a codebook based precoding technique where precoders are fixed a priori at the base station (BS) in a known fashion and the user needs to feedback which(More)
In recent adoption and diffusion of the facts and figures sharing paradigm in circulated systems such as online social systems or cloud computing, there have been increasing claims and anxieties for distributed facts and figures security. One of the most demanding matters in facts and figures sharing schemes is the enforcement of access principles and the(More)
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