S. N. Zagrebel'nyi

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The study of heterotrophic bacteria isolated from the brackish waters of Lake Shira has shown that some of them contain plasmid pSH1 of approximately 2.7 kb in size. The number of plasmid copies in plasmid-containing strains cultivated at a minimal concentration of sodium chloride is found to be low, whereas the subculturing of these strains at high salt(More)
Methods of noncovalent immobilization of DNA fragments onto titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2) were developed, which led to TiO2-DNA nanocomposites capable of penetrating through cell membranes. TiO2 nanoparticles of different forms (amorphous, anatase, brookit) with enhanced agglomeration stability were synthesized. The particles were characterized by(More)
The dependence of initial rate v0 of ATP--PPi exchange reaction catalyzed by RNA-ligase of bacteriophage T4 on the concentration of ATP(s), pyrophosphate (z) and Mgcl2 has been determined. The dependence of v0 on s and z described by the equation v0 = k-1k2E0/(k-1 + K2) (1 + K1/s + k2/z) has been obtained for the reaction of E + S in equilibrium ES in(More)
The behavior of nucleoside triphosphates (NTP) in the RNA-polymerase system from E. coli was studied. The conversion of NTP to the corresponding nucleoside diphosphate (NDP) was observed. This phenomenon was accounted for a contaminating enzyme activity in the RNA-polymerase preparations. The possibility to remove such a contamination was demonstrated, the(More)
The dissociation constants of the complexes of RNA-ligase with acceptors, donors and the adenylylated donor A(5')ppAp have been determined on the basis of the inhibition of ATP-pyrophosphate exchange reaction. The dissociation constants of the complexes of the enzyme with "poor" acceptors (oligouridilates) have been shown to be slightly different from those(More)
The efficiency of hybrid promotor Ptac', comprising a synthetic trp-promoter and lacUV5 "-10" sequence, was studied. By means of electrophoresis and hybridization of RNA-products obtained in vitro and in minicells, with promotor-containing plasmids; the hybrid promotor was found to be 6 times and 3-4 times as efficient as trp and lacUV5 promoters,(More)
The capacity of a previously described plasmid vector pAZ to deliver bioactive proteins to targets in vivo has been studied. This vector molecule has a strong constitutive promoter, is extremely stable in cells of vaccinal S. choleraesuis strain, and encodes the synthesis of marker protein beta-galactosidase which helps monitor the vector's fate in the(More)
The isotope exchange between [5'-32P]pAP and A(5')ppAp catalyzed by enzyme was shown not to take place in the absence of the acceptor; i. e. the necessity of the acceptor presence during the second step of the process was demonstrated. The isotope exchange reaction between [5'32P]pAp and (pA)5p was studied. It was demonstrated that acceptor (pA)4, slightly(More)