S N Wickramasinghe

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An inherited hypochromic microcytic anemia transmitted in an autosomal manner has been observed in three generations of an English family. Affected members had the hallmarks of heterozygous beta-thalassemia, ie, elevated levels of hemoglobin A2 and imbalanced globin chain synthesis. However, despite extensive sequence analysis, no mutations could be found(More)
The effects of a number of additives on the rate of conversion of ethanol (1 mg/ml; 21.7 mM) to acetate by monolayers of blood monocyte-derived human macrophages were investigated. The additives studied were superoxide dismutase (SOD; 1,500 U/ml), catalase (1,500 U/ml), tetrahydrofurane (20 mM), and PMA (20 nM), either singly or in various combinations.(More)
A non-dialysable cytotoxic activity developed in the supernatants of human blood-monocyte-derived macrophages cultured in the presence of ethanol and in the serum of three healthy volunteers who drank 500-700 ml wine over 20-35 min. On 'Sephacryl S-300' gel filtration of the culture supernatants and the serum samples from the subjects who took alcohol, the(More)
Serum obtained from healthy volunteers 6-7 h after consumption of 60-95 g of ethanol contained cytotoxic activity against mouse A9 cells and all of six human cell lines tested. Affinity chromatography of such sera demonstrated that at least some of the cytotoxic molecules consisted of altered albumin. Complexes formed by the reaction of 14C-acetaldehyde(More)
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