S. N. V. S. Prasad

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The aim of the image enhancement is to improve the interpretability or perception of the information in images for human viewers, or to provide 'better' input for other automated image processing techniques. It is an indispensable tool for researchers in wide verity of fields including art studies, medical imaging, forensics and atmospheric(More)
The energetic events on the sun, solar wind and subsequent effects on the Earth's geomagnetic field and upper atmosphere (ionosphere) comprise space weather. Modern navigation systems that use radio-wave signals, reflecting from or propagating through the ionosphere as a means of determining range or distance, are vulnerable to a variety of effects that can(More)
Mustard (Brassica juncea) var. Pusa Jaikisan was grown in a pot experiment in soil supplemented with different concentrations of nickel and chromium (50 and 100 mg kg−1 soil), lead (100 and 200 mg kg−1 soil), cadmium (5 and 10 mg kg−1 soil) and mercury (25 and 50 mg kg−1 soil) as a leafy vegetable. The study revealed that as the contamination level(More)
Face detection and tracking in images have become an important concept for the researchers in the field of Digital Image Processing. Image enhancement refers to the improvement of inner details of image for visual perception. This paper combines these two concepts, using fuzzy logic based enhancement techniques to detect face in low contrast images. After(More)
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