S N Shapovalov

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The results of investigations of the growth in vitro of Escherichia coli M-17, obtained in the processing of V. M. Vorobeichikov observational data during the movement of the scientific expedition ship «Akademik Fedorov» from St. Petersburg to Antarctica and back, in the period from 13.11.2002 on 26.05.2003 (48th Russian Antarctic expedition). The findings(More)
The detailed structure of histograms constructed from the results of synchronous measurements of the alpha-activity of 239Pu microsamples, conducted in Pushchino (Moscow Region, Russia) and on board the ship "Academician Fedorov" during the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions (2000 and 2001) was analyzed. It was shown that, if the histograms were constructed(More)
Monitoring the content of lymphocytes and nucleated neutrophils (observation period 10.5 months) and the determination of the values of leucocytes coefficient and erythrocyte sedimentation rate in chronic patients revealed rhythms of oscillations of these parameters (from 3-5 to 33 days). The coincidence of these rhythms with the rhythms of variations of(More)
Fluctuations of "computer time" provided by the PC quartz generator were studied. It was shown that variations in the yearly course of the quartz generator frequency occur with periodicities of 13-15 days and 28-30 days. Regular fluctuations with periods of 0.5 and 1.0 min are typical of the short-term spectral component. Impulses of sharp and intense(More)
The paper provides data on the complex influence of space geophysical factors and meteoreological conditions on the body's nonspecific resistance (BNSR) in Saint Petersburg dwellers. Associations and relationships have been established between the environmental parameters. The leading factors negatively affecting BNSR in the residents of the megapolis have(More)
For future gerontological research specific interest are the research results obtained at the junction of Geophysics, astronomy, and biology, and existing links pointing to indicators of living objects with cosmophysical factors. The paper presents data on basic astronomical factors, potentially on a regular basis may cause gravitational effects on the(More)
Variations of the gravitational field affected by the Sun and the Moon while the Earth's moving along the orbit seem to be a powerful source of many rhythmical processes typical of biochemical processes. Studies carried out in AARI revealed the obvious relationships between the dynamics of some biochemical reactions and lambda(D)-function describing the(More)
Dynamics of the oxidation rate of unithiol (sodium dimercaptopropansulfonate) by sodium nitrite was studied under perfect ecological conditions in Antarctica. Short-term spikes (signals) in optical density of the examined solution were found. Special features of these signals, such as the high penetrating ability, the obvious dependence of number of signals(More)
The rate of oxidation of unithiol (sodium dimercaptopropansulfonate) by nitrite ion was determined in the course of the annual experiment at the Antarctic station Mirny in 1996-1997. The rhythmic fluctuations in the oxidation rate were found. It is shown that these fluctuations correlate with changes in the velocity of the Earth's forward-rotational(More)