S. N. Sengupta

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We have examined the patterns of DNA sequence variation in and around the genes coding for ICAM1 and TNF, which play functional and correlated roles in inflammatory processes and immune cell responses, in 12 diverse ethnic groups of India. We aimed to (a) quantify the nature and extent of the variation, and (b) analyse the observed patterns of variation in(More)
Isolated population groups are useful in conducting association studies of complex diseases to avoid various pitfalls, including those arising from population stratification. Since DNA resequencing is expensive, it is recommended that genotyping be carried out at tagSNP (tSNP) loci. For this, tSNPs identified in one isolated population need to be used in(More)
Thirty-nine displaced fractures of the lateral humeral condyle in children were followed for an average of 5 (2-5) years. The results were evaluated from functional and cosmetic aspects. Patients treated within 2 weeks by open reduction and internal fixation did well. Those operated on after 6 weeks did not do better than nonoperated on cases. Complications(More)
Nimesulide, a selective cyclooxygenase-2-inhibiting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, has been found to be a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug, when administered orally, rectally or topically. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the comparative efficacy of intramuscularly injected nimesulide with that of diclofenac and to elucidate the(More)
Nimesulide, a selective COX-2 inhibitor, exerts potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects when administered orally, rectally or topically. The present study was designed to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of a new parenteral formulation of nimesulide and to correlate it with the pharmacokinetic profile. Nimesulide was administered(More)
Etoposide is an antineoplastic agent which acts by forming a ternary complex with topoisomerase II and DNA, causing DNA breaks and cell death. In recent studies we have demonstrated that encapsulation in liposomes increases the antitumour efficacy and reduces the adverse effects associated with etoposide. The present study was thus conducted to evaluate(More)
A chromosomal survey using standard lymphocyte cultures employing different media and G-banding techniques was initiated in 1984. This study became particularly important following the tragic gaseous exposure of the population in Bhopal at midnight on 2 December 1984. We have been able to formulate a chromosomal profile for each person whom we have studied;(More)
Role of free calcium and calcium binding protein calmodulin as signal molecule in cellular regulation is well established in eukaryotes. However, reports on Ca(2+)-dependent processes and their inhibition by calcium and/or calmodulin antagonists indicate towards the presence of calmodulin in prokaryotes as well. The common evolutionary origin of pro- and(More)