S. N. Salleh

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done on the length of substrate (s), width of substrate (w), length of square FSS (a) and length of square FSS with slot (b). Real (Re) and Imaginary (Im) component of EC or known as resistance and reactance has been modeled based on physical parameters of the design structure of the FSS. The resistance and reactance of the impedance are depending on the(More)
This paper presents the application of wavelet transform analysis method to the heart sounds signal. The heart sounds i s a non-stationery signal, thus it is very important to study the frequency and time information. One of the time-frequency analysis methods is short time Fourier transforms. However, the STFT analysis is limited by the time and frequency(More)
The design FSS structure consists of FSS structures placed on the FR4 and glass. The square loop FSS is designed and simulated using the CST Microwave Studio software at 2.4 GHz based on industrial, scientific and medical bands (ISM) standard. The reflection (S11) and transmission (S21) of the design FSS structure is analyzed based on the six types of(More)
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