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Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection patients exhibit different sustained virological responses (SVRs) following the treatment with pegylated interferon-α (IFN-α) and ribavirin. Genome-wide association studies consistently linked SVR of IFN-α-based therapy to the IL28B single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on chromosome 19q.13 in various populations.(More)
The aim of the current study was to determine whether the FcγRIIb 187-Ile/Thr polymorphism is a predisposition factor for subtypes of RA defined by disease severity and production of autoantibodies against cyclic citrullinated peptides (anti-CCPs) in Taiwanese RA patients. Genotype distributions and allele frequencies of FcγRIIb 187-Ile/Thr were compared(More)
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