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In thymocytes of C3HA mice carrying the transplantable and ortoaminoazotoluene induced hepatomas at the time of their intense growth a drastic decrease in adenosine deaminase activity set in and 3-4-fold augmentation of intracellular concentration of dATP and dGTP, potential inhibitors of ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase was observed, leading to the(More)
The introduction of human p53 with mutation at codon 273 into Rat-1 cells induces changes in the salvage pathway of nucleotide synthesis. In cells expressing the mutant p53 the activities of hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase (HPRT) and thymidide kinase (TK) decrease 3.5- and 2-3-fold, respectively, while the activities of adenosine deaminase and(More)
Relations between the malignant tumor and host organism are characterized, on the one hand, by rapid division of the tumor cells, liberation of metabolic and breakdown products into the blood stream, the spread of the cells through the body, their invasion of the surrounding tissues, and their growth at the expense of metabolic products of normal tissues,(More)
Activities of key enzymes of purine metabolism [adenosine deaminase (AD); purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP); 5'-nucleotidase] were studied; changes in DNA content, nucleus ploidity in thymocytes, T- and B-lymphocytes in the C3HA mouse spleen during solid 22 hepatoma growth and after the immunization were monitored. Immunological properties of(More)
Using reverse phase ion pair high performance liquid chromatography, the levels of free adenosine, inosine, adenine, xanthine, hypoxanthine, guanine and deoxycytidine in thymocytes and splenic T- and B-lymphocytes of C3HA mice, were studied under normal conditions and at different times (5 hrs, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 20 days) after transplantation of solid(More)
The suppression of the "grape-forming" activity of macrophages has been shown to occur in the process of the development of tumor growth under the conditions of in vitro culture, which seems to be one of the important factors ensuring the "deficit" state in the population of mature lymphocytes.
The activities of adenosine deaminase, purine nucleoside phosphorylase, membrane 5'-nucleotidase and DNA content in thymus and spleen lymphocytes as well as the immune function of T and B lymphocytes of the spleen of C3HA mice with o-AAT-induced hepatomas were studied 1, 3 weeks and 3, 8, 12 months after o-AAT treatment was instituted. In the early stages(More)
The changes in the biochemical parameters of peritoneal macrophages and their coupling to the secretory and phagocytic functions in CH3A mice during the growth of the reinoculated solid hepatoma 22a were studied. The DNA and RNA synthesis during the active tumour growth was more intense than that in resident macrophages. The activity of uridine kinase(More)