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OBJECTIVE To assess delivery outcomes in women with placental malaria who presented at public hospitals in Kisumu, a holoendemic region in western Kenya. METHODS A cross-sectional study using both histology and molecular biology was conducted with 90 consecutive pregnant women who presented at 3 hospitals during a 2-week period. Data collectors completed(More)
A theoretical model is presented that describes the volume scattering in thin optical films, particularly in typical columnar structures. It is based on a first-order perturbation theory that concerns the fluctuation of the dielectric permittivity in the film. For evaporated PbF(2) films that show a pronounced columnar morphology, angular as well as total(More)
Special substrate-film designs are used to measure roughness-induced scattering and scattering from the volume of optical thin films separately. So theoretical models of surface roughness and volume scattering become applicable to the experimental data, and quantitative information on thin-film microstructure can be derived. Measuring total integrated and(More)
Cerium oxide films formed by electron-beam evaporation onto oblique substrates are shown to scatter light strongly into spatially anisotropic distributions and to exhibit large normal-incidence birefringence Δ n = n(s) - n(p). The apparatus for direct recording of a useful projection of the scatter distributions is described. Characteristic differences in(More)
Thymic epithelial space (TES), where thymopoiesis is located, and thymic perivascular space (PVS), where T lymphocytes are pooled, appear differentially involved in human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1)-infected children. The decline of CD4+ T cells during HIV-1 infection is probably due to a relative predominance of CD4+ T cell destruction on cell(More)
Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are known to increase water clarity and affect ecosystem processes in invaded lakes. During the last decade, the conspecific quagga mussels (D. rostriformis bugensis) have displaced zebra mussels in many ecosystems including shallow lakes such as Oneida Lake, New York. In this study, an eight-week mesocosm experiment was(More)
The modal characteristics of a general tilted columnar biaxial thin-film waveguide are displayed by the plots of both Snell's law quantity β = n sin θ and the polarization of the evanescent field at the cover interface on a polar diagram. The association of characteristic features in the modal diagram with the basis fields is demonstrated, and the mechanism(More)
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