S. N. Fedchenko

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Cholinolytics and Other Neurotropic Agents [in Russian], Leningrad (1969), p. i0. 7. V. A. Gusel', "Experimental study of the efficacy of pharmacological agents which interact with cholinergic systems in psychomotor epilepsy," Doctoral Dissertation, Leningrad (1975). 8. V. A. Gusel' and S. A. Sverdlov, Trudy Leningrad Nauch.-Issled. Psikhonevrol. Inst. im.(More)
Structural-metabolic changes of the principle cells in the rat gastric glands have been studied electron-microscopically and cytochemically with subsequent cytophotometry during the process of a disturbed pepsin secretion when thyroxin and hydrocortisone are administered. At the experimentally induced hypo- and hyperthyreosis, the gastric juice proteolytic(More)
Gastric secretory granulocytes in Wistar rats were studied electron microscopically and microspectrophotometrically. Injection of L-thyroxin for 10--30 days resulted in decrease of acid phosphatase and ATPh-ase activity in the main and parietal granulocytes. Injection of hydrocortisone after or simultaneously with saturation of the organism with L-thyroxin(More)
Recent years have seen an increasing number of applied studies on the use of pantothenic acid (the vitamin component of coenzyme A) and its analogs in various areas of medicine [4]. In a number of studies, evidence has been obtained that pantothenates afford protection to epithelial tissues, in particular by accelerating wound healing [7, 11, 141 and by(More)
In experimentally hyperthyroid rats an increased amount of gastrin-producing (G) and histamine-producing (ECl) cells was noted by means of immunofluorescent biochemical methods and electron microscopically. Increased amount of the ECl cells was combined with a rise in histamine contents in the gastric mucosa. Hydrocortisone injections resulted in(More)
Electron microscopy and cytochemical analysis have shown that protein-synthesizing apparatus of major stomach cells was characterized by the most pronounced changes observed in cell structures. Comparison between ultrastructural and biochemical analysis demonstrating leucine and orotic acid incorporation into the total protein and RNA, respectively, has(More)
An excess of thyroid hormones d e p r e s s e s the synthes is of sulfomucins in the gas t r i c gland cel ls of albino ra t s , apprec iab ly inhibits the synthes is of s ia lomucins , but has l i t t le e f fec ton the content of neu t ra l mueopo lysacehar ides . Thyro idec tomy or admin is t ra t ion of 6 m e t h y l th iouraef l leads to an i nc r ea s(More)