S N Dutta

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Jimpy (jp) is an X-linked disorder which results in a variety of glial cell abnormalities and the virtual absence of myelin in the central nervous system (CNS) of affected males. Female heterozygote carriers of the jp gene are mosaics. The wild-type genome will be expressed in roughly half of their cells, while in the other half the jp genome will be(More)
We investigate two possible eeects of the tidal eld induced by a spherical cluster on its elliptical galaxy members: the modiication of the ellipticity of a spherical galaxy and the isophotal alignment in the cluster radial direction of a misaligned prolate galaxy. Numerical N-body simulations have been performed for radial and circular galactic orbits. The(More)
The effects of sound stimulus were studied on the gastric secretion in rats with chronically implanted cannulas. Attempts were made to correlate the changes in the secretion with those of the plasma corticosterone level. Exposure of the animals to sound stimulus (1 hr or 2 hr) produced a marked decrease in gastric secretion and a concomitant increase in(More)
Microinjections of apomorphine (25-300 mug) were made into the lateral ventricle, dorsal nucleus of the vagus and ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus of cats through a stereotaxically implanted cannula-electrode. Apomorphine caused depressor and bradycardic effects without any dose-response relationship. At the above doses of apomorphine the efferent(More)
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