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This paper experiments a recently developed, simple and efficient learning algorithm for Single hidden Layer Feed forward Neural networks (SLFNs) called Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) for two category data classification problems evaluated on the Stat log-Heart dataset. ELM randomly chooses hidden nodes and analytically determines the output weights of(More)
Medical data classification is a prime data mining problem being discussed about for a decade that has attracted several researchers around the world. Most classifiers are designed so as to learn from the data itself using a training process, because complete expert knowledge to determine classifier parameters is impracticable. This paper proposes a hybrid(More)
Text classification approach gaining more importance because of the accessibility of large number of electronic documents from a variety of resource. Text categorization is the task of assigning predefined categories to documents. It is the method of finding interesting regularities in large textual, where interesting means non trivial, hidden, previously(More)
In this system, we exploit the capability of Back propagation neural network (BPN) and Radial Basis Function Neural network (RBFN) to classify brain MRI images to either cancerous or noncancerous tumour automatically. It is classified with respective to symmetry of brain image, exhibited in the axial and coronal images. The initial objective of this study(More)
This paper analyzes various earlier approaches for selection of hidden neuron numbers in artificial neural networks and proposes a novel criterion to select the hidden neuron numbers in improved back propagation networks for wind speed forecasting application. Either over fitting or under fitting problem is caused because of the random selection of hidden(More)
AC servo systems are extensively used in robotic actuators and are competing with DC servo motors for motion control because of their favorable electrical and mechanical properties. This paper presents an approach towards the control system tuning for the speed control of an AC servo motor. An approach towards speed control of servo motor in presence of(More)