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In this paper methodologies are proposed to estimate the number of hidden neurons that are to be placed numbers in the hidden layer of artificial neural networks (ANN) and certain new criteria are evolved for fixing this hidden neuron in multilayer perceptron neural networks. On the computation of the number of hidden neurons, the developed neural network(More)
Medical data classification is a prime data mining problem being discussed about for a decade that has attracted several researchers around the world. Most classifiers are designed so as to learn from the data itself using a training process, because complete expert knowledge to determine classifier parameters is impracticable. This paper proposes a hybrid(More)
This paper analyzes various earlier approaches for selection of hidden neuron numbers in artificial neural networks and proposes a novel criterion to select the hidden neuron numbers in improved back propagation networks for wind speed forecasting application. Either over fitting or under fitting problem is caused because of the random selection of hidden(More)
This paper proposes an Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization (EPSO) for extracting optimal rule set and tuning membership function for fuzzy logic based classifier model. The standard PSO is more sensitive to premature convergence due to lack of diversity in the swarm and can easily get trapped into local minima when it is used for data classification. To(More)