S. N. Burrows

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Accurate characterization of leaf area index (LAI) is required to quantify the exchange of energy, water, and carbon between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. The objective of this study was to use a cyclic sampling design to compare the spatial patterns of LAI of the dominant terrestrial ecosystems that comprised the area around the 447-m WLEF(More)
Climate change is predicted to alter the canopy phenology of temperate and boreal forests, which will affect carbon, water, and energy budgets. Therefore, there is a great need to evaluate remotely sensed products for their potential to accurately capture canopy dynamics. The objective of this study was to compare several products derived from the Moderate(More)
We elucidate spatial controls of wind and fire disturbance across northern Wisconsin (USA), where climatic and topographic gradients are not strong, using data from the original US Public Land Survey (PLS) notes. These records contain information on the location and extent of heavy windthrows and stand-replacing fires prior to Euro-American settlement. The(More)
During 1996, HealthEast Care, Inc., a healthcare provider-owned and governed direct-contracting company, successfully responded to a request for proposal from the metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul-based Buyers Health Care Action Group (BHCAG), a coalition of self-insured employers, to provide healthcare services to members of BHCAG's Choice Plus health(More)
HealthEast Care has contracted directly with large self-funded Minnesota employers, including 3M, since 1992. These innovative direct contracting arrangements continue to demonstrate how collaborative efforts between health care purchasers and providers can be of advantage to those enrolled in self-funded and noninsured health plans. Insured HMO enrollment(More)
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