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Study was performed of chondroblast proliferative activity peculiarities on early stages of big alar cartilage forming. The reaction with monoclonal antibodies towards proliferating cell nuclear antigen in alar cartilage of human embryo and newly born infant rat testified to 2 cartilage growth types - appositional and interstitial. Cells proliferative(More)
Gnathometric and roentgenocephalometric studies helped reveal the pathogenesis of abnormal maxillary growth in children with bilateral clefts of the upper lip and palate. In order to improve the results of treatment of such patients, the authors propose a method of secondary early osteoplasty of the alveolar process, which may be carried out simultaneously(More)
UNLABELLED Complexity of treatment of children for congenital bilateral clefts is caused by anatomical and functional impairments of the middle zone of the face present in it: splitting of the upper lip and alveolar process in 3 parts, protrusion of the intermaxillary bone, lack or hypoplasia of muscular fibers in the central portion of the lip, shortening(More)
Philtrum (labial groove) has aesthetic importance and governs individual features of human face. There are discussed the ways of philtrum reconstruction described in domestic and foreign literature. The main principles of the upper lip central part formation in one-sided congenital clefts are set out. Method of orbicularis oris muscle myoplasty by putting(More)