S. N. Balakrishnan

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Even though dynamic programming offers an optimal control solution in a state feedback form, the method is overwhelmed by computational and storage requirements. Approximate dynamic programming implemented with an Adaptive Critic (AC) neural network structure has evolved as a powerful alternative technique that obviates the need for excessive computations(More)
In this paper, a new nonlinear control method is used to design a full-envelope, hybrid bank-to-turn (BTT)/skid-to-turn (STT) autopilot for an air-breathing air-to-air missile. Through this new approach, called the D θ − method, we find approximate solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation. As a result, the resulting nonlinear feedback law can(More)
—In this study, we develop an adaptive-critic-based controller to steer an agile missile that has a constraint on the minimum flight Mach number from various initial Mach numbers to a given final Mach number in minimum time while completely reversing its flightpath angle. This class of bounded state space, free final time problems is very difficult to solve(More)
A new suboptimal control method is proposed in this study to effectively design an integrated guidance and control system for missiles. Optimal formulations allow designers to bring together concerns about guidance laws and autopilot responses under one unified framework. Optimal control method leads to a natural integration of these different functions. By(More)
The concept of approximate dynamic programming and adaptive critic neural network based optimal controller is extended in this study to include systems governed by partial differential equations. An optimal controller is synthesized for a dispersion type tubular chemical reactor, which is governed by two coupled nonlinear partial differential equations. It(More)
Beavers are often found to be in conflict with human interests by creating nuisances like building dams on flowing water (leading to flooding), blocking irrigation canals, cutting down timbers etc. At the same time they contribute to raising water tables, increased vegetation etc. Consequently, maintaining an optimal beaver population is beneficial. Because(More)
Adaptive critic (AC) neural network solutions to optimal control designs using dynamic programming has reduced the need of complex computations and storage requirements that typical dynamic programming requires. In this paper, a " single network adaptive critic " (SNAC) is presented. This approach is applicable to a class of nonlinear systems where the(More)